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Welcome to the Wisconsin State Deaths Database. First time viewers should visit the About This Database section below before continuing. Otherwise please choose from the following:

About This Database

Search Input Requirement: Indexed Document Scan Type II (first time users are encouraged to view this link) and should review our First Time Users Document.

The Wisconsin State death databases are comprised of entries 1959-1979 displayed in graphic presentation form. Specifically years 1959-1979 is a virtual-fiche database. Years segment 1820-1907 is a link to Ancestry.com

1959-1979, Virtual-Fiche:
Selecting any decade group will cause a search box to appear on the bottom portion of the screen into which the Searcher is to type in the Subject's Surname only (the name formatting is described below). Entering the name and selecting the "Search" button or "Enter" on your keyboard will cause the following example virtual-fiche sheet to appear:

See this page for field descriptions.

The selected sheet will contain 207 individual frames plus an index frame (organized in a 13x16 matrix) where your Subject's name will appear if it's in this database year-window. Rather than selecting each of the 207 individual frames, it is strongly recommended that the Searcher select the "idx" (for index) link at the upper left of the sheet. This will lead you to a page that will provide you with a further name breakdown for each sheet.

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