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About This Database

The Texas divorces database is comprised of groom/bride entries from 1968-on displayed in straight text form (using robust-SQL).

Selecting this database link will cause the following data entry form to appear:

Each name entry has 14 potential associated fields; Groom_Name, Groom_Age, Bride_Name, Bride_Age, Marriage_Year, Marriage_Month, Marriage_Day, Divorce_Year, Divorce_Month, Divorce_Day, County_Code, County_Name, Children_Under_18, File Number.

The Searcher may enter data into any one or all fields. To facilitate search flexibility, a wildcard "%", may be used and is recommended especially where the name spellings are uncertain. So, as an example entering "mary%" in the "First_Name" field would yield all births for a given year having first names with beginning letters "mary" (eg. mary, maryjane, maryann. . )

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR DIVORCE DATABASES: Insofar as the Groom_Name field represents last name and first name and middle name, and the Bride_Name field represents first name and middle name, a wildcard(%) is strongly recommended. An example of a search subject: "MARTIN JOHN H" would require an entry of MARTIN% or MART% or MARTIN J% (for example)for the search to be an accurate one.

Field Specifications:

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Texas Divorce Index, 1968-2011 (from Ancestry.com)

This database is an index to approximately 2.9 million divorces that were filed in State of Texas, USA, from 1968-2002. Information that may be found in this database includes: file number, husband's full name, husband's age, wife's given and middle names, wife's age, number of children under the age of 18, marriage date, divorce date, divorce county.