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Florida War Death List, 1836-42
Florida Land Records

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About This Database

Search Input Requirement: Indexed Document Scan Type II (first time users are encouraged to view this link) and should review our First Time Users Document.

The Florida State death databases are comprised of entries from 1877-1916, & 1999-2001 displayed in graphic presentation form. Specifically years 1877-1916 are organized as indexed-documents and years 1999-2000 virtual-fiche. Years 2001 forward are MySQL databases and years 1936-1998 are linked to Ancestry.com

Recommended Use: The Searcher may enter data into any one or all fields, however it is recommended that only one be used. In the event that the potential results are impracticably long (eg. Last_Name="Smith") then other field entries can be sparingly used.

To facilitate search flexibility, a wildcard "%", may be used and is recommended especially where the name spellings are uncertain. So, as an example entering "mary%" in the "First_Name" field would yield all births for a given year having first names with beginning letters "mary" (eg. mary, maryjane, maryann. . )

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