Certificate Orders: Prices & Terms

Certificate Delivery:
For $44.95 The Vitalsearch Company Worldwide will attempt to acquire from the best-source Government agency a Certificate of Birth, Death or Marriage. The Vitalsearch Company Worldwide will place an order for any certificate, the index to which is found in any of our Birth/Death/Marriages index tables.

WARNING!! In some cases the birth records with the name as requested is sealed. All information in the sealed record, including the reason for sealing and the date the record was sealed is confidential and available by court order only. In this instance, The Vitalsearch Company Worldwide can only provide a certified copy of the birth certificate as registered or amended.

Delivery time will be specified at the time of the order and is sent from our offices via first-class U.S. mail unless otherwise requested. Express handling can reduce processing delays up to 60% from quoted delivery. This service is available by clicking HERE.

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